Date: 2015-06-19 06:44 am (UTC)
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I just stumbled across this discussion now, 2-and-a-half years too late, but as a vidder and a podficcer I'm very interested in the vidding connection.

The main problem with people stealing vids -- hence the need for most of us to add watermarks to our vids nowadays with our username -- is that people weren't giving us credit at all. Claiming all of our hard work finding that exact moment when they formed that pretty smile, the effects we added, the speeding up or down we may have done, the lyric matching we decided on ourselves -- and pretending it was their own? It felt just as bad as someone posting someone else's fanfic under their own username and taking credit for it. And the main problem with "Remixing" vids, even with credit, is that the one time it happened to me, around 2007, they didn't really credit me in a very obvious way, more like saying something like "this was inspired by luvtheheaven's vid" at the bottom of their YouTube description and no it wasn't INSPIRED you idiot, you stole my clips without even letting me know, and most vid-watchers would still assume the entire vid was theirs, since that is the assumption in fandom spaces. Even though half of the editing sequences in that vid they posted were mine. And to add insult to injury, while this is subjective, the new parts of the vid were just... bad. They used my relatively more impressive editing to improve their bad vid, like someone writing a multi-chapter fanfic and saying in a brief author's note at the end of the final chapter "inspired by this other fanfic" and then every other paragraph is someone else's words, despite no quotation marks or clear distinction between which part is yours and which isn't, and no real credit.

Now if someone wanted to do something really unique with a video of mine, something where I got credit, where it was obvious in the title of the vid "my remix of luvtheheaven's vid", I'd probably be cool with that. It's just so not the norm in vidding spaces, and so it'd probably confuse me and I'd feel defensive and upset at first if no one asked me permission. It's a culture thing, and it's just whatever one is used to, habits and expectations...

The thing about vids is that you do credit the source fandom, the source TV show or film or nowadays webseries, or the interview, or the photos, or whatever it is you're using. The song too. The weird thing is when someone comments on a vid you made set to a YouTube artist's cover of a song saying "Wow you're a good singer," assuming I made the cover, despite me crediting in MULTIPLE PLACES the artist's name (which is not "luvtheheaven" but since they don't know my first and last name, maybe they think luvtheheaven IS Megan Nicole or whoever). Most of the time, even if someone is unfamiliar with the source fandom or the song artist, and even if a vidder forgot or chose not to credit them anywhere (a choice often made for fear of copyright detection lol), the more common question is "what fandom is this?" or "who's the singer, I love it!" -- You're not taking credit by default for something that isn't yours. People know to assume credit belongs elsewhere.

With podfics, people also assume that you didn't write the fic in question, or create any professional sounding music or even sound effects yourself. They do assume every character's voice is you unless it's obviously so drastically different that they couldn't be the same person. But you know what I mean? The culture makes a lot of things complicated. I don't know.

All of these discussions still seem relevant today. Sorry for dredging up almost 3-year-old posts.
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