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Date: 2012-11-28 10:39 pm (UTC)
princessofgeeks: (Default)
Oh, I have no problem with differentiating normal language, or even fannish language, from legalese -- but the hesitance to use "derivative" in fannish circles may have a specific legal basis -- a chilling effect, if you will. It's certainly very descriptive, just as calling our fanworks "based on" or "developed from" the original works is..... I wasn't trying to quash the use of "derivative," just ponder on why it might not have been the word choice in the high-profile definitions of fanworks that are trying to legitimize it in the legal sense. In the "everyone's doing it" sense, fanworks have been legit forever.

I do agree with you 100 percent that internet trends are changing fannish practices, and like it always does, the pace of change in customs speeds up when that change goes digital.

Tumblr, with its absolute assumption of reblogging, is a very different thing that the previous fannish bent toward author control and the ability to pull works and disappear. I also agree totally with what you say about the change in sheer numbers. Now we can be pretty sure that a bunch more people are reading or seeing or viewing or listening to our fan works than we know. Gone are the invite-only lists and the friends locked LJs of yore, now that we have big pan fandom archives.

I've never worried myself about getting critiqued or linked to without permission; I also have a blanket permissions statement on my DW. But I love to know when people are riffing off my work, because I want to join the fun.

But in the old debate over reviews and concrit, I was firmly on the side of "readers and reviewers should do what they will". Once it's posted, it's in a large degree out of my hands.

I remember when I was first discovering fan fiction and I wanted to "play in the sandbox" of another writer's epic LOTR fic about Frodo.... I wrote to her asking permission, assuming it would be granted, reasoning by analogy. After all, we were riffing on Tolkien, wouldn't it be fun to riff off of each other? She was not willing to let me, and I agreed with her wishes.

But I was surprised.

But I did two things, even as a newbie -- I asked permission, and I followed the fanfic author's wishes when she denied me permission.

Like you, I have copied beloved but flawed fic and made private changes, but I would never ever distribute that.

It's fascinating to see how our practices change.

I personally have been utterly gobsmacked by the 50 Shades thing. Utterly surprised and amazed. Utterly.
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