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Here's my podfic masterlist. Download links are mostly to Mediafire. Please feedback the authors!

The X-Files

ghosts podcover [personal profile] torch - Ghosts (Mulder/Krycek), 9:34:17) Mediafire link to mp3 files (zipped): Part 1 (126.17 MB) and Part 2 (144.26 MB)- Mediafire link to m4b (rarred): Part 1 (143.05 MB) and Part 2 ( 127.96 MB) - Filefactory link MB4 (282.27 MB) (Music: Sufjan Stevens - Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois)


presence of fire podcover [personal profile] rivkat - The Presence of Fire (Clark/Lex, future, 1:04:52) MP3 (35.92 MB) - M4B (29.9 MB)

while the tempest hurled podcover [personal profile] rivkat - While the Tempest Hurled (Clark/Lex, future, 2:58:18) MP3 (94.68 MB) - M4B (81.43 MB)

Interstitial podcover [personal profile] punk - Interstitial (Clark/Lex, future, 2:50:44) MP3 (133.2 MB) - M4B (166.9 MB)

life less invulnerable podcover Rivka T, A Life Less Invulnerable (ITPE, future!fic, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, 0:28:58) MP3 (12.4 MB) - HERE (12.7 MB) (Music: Sarah Bettens - Stay)

Queer as Folk (US)

Being Brian podcover [personal profile] julad - The Importance of Being Brian (Justin/Brian, post-S3, 1:52:28) MP3 (52.86 MB) - M4B (65.71 MB) (Music: Touch&Go - Straight to...Number One)

Love of His Life podcover [personal profile] julad, Love of his Life (Justin/Brian, post-S3, 1:20:50) mp3 (37.98 MB) - m4b (47.17 MB) (Music: Temperance - Forever Young)

just take what you need podcover [livejournal.com profile] throughadoor, just take what you need (Justin/Brian, post-S4 future, 38:12) mp3 (17.95 MB) - m4b (22.43 MB) (Music: King Biscuit Time - I Walk the Earth)

call it a good marriage podcover [livejournal.com profile] throughadoor, call it a good marriage (Justin/Brian, S2ish, 22:38) mp3 (10.62 MB) - m4b (13.25 MB) (Music: Rockapella - Basket Case)

subject to change podcover [livejournal.com profile] soundczech, Subject to Change (Justin/Brian, post-1x21, 1:32:37) mp3 (43.65 MB) - m4b (54.13 MB) (Music: Chemical Brothers - Where Do I Begin)

forever changes everything podcover [personal profile] rhiannonhero, Forever Changes Everything (Justin/Brian, post-S4 future, 3:55:39) mp3 (110.17 MB) - m4b (139.68 MB) (Music: John Coltrane - My Favorite Things)

Stargate Atlantis

Raiders of the Seven Systems podcoverMartha Wilson - Raiders of the Seven Systems (gen, AU, 3:00:22) MP3 (100.9 MB) - M4B (106.2 MB)

Earth 2 podcover (by libertine) Martha Wilson - Earth 2 (gen, multiverse, 1:12:27) MP3 (88.2 MB) - M4B (101.9 MB)


i'll take my chance on a beautiful stranger podcover [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter - I'll Take My Chance on a Beautiful Stranger (Dean/Sam, Stanford-years, 22:47) MP3 (32.3 MB) - M4B (32.3 MB)

In My Brother's Keeping podcover [personal profile] poisontaster - In My Brother's Keeping (Dean/Sam, AU, 58:26) MP3 (70.2 MB) - M4B (76.9 MB)

Finders Keepers podcover [personal profile] rivkat - Finders Keepers (Dean/Sam, AU, 1:19:12) MP3 (112.7 MB) - M4B (111.1 MB)

tricking podcover [personal profile] rivkat - Tricking (Dean/Sam, 38:58) MP3 (23.2 MB) - M4b (28.2 MB)

entangled alliances podcover [livejournal.com profile] rei_c - Entangled Alliances (pre-Dean/Sam, AU, 2:00:47) MP3 (84.6 MB) - M4B (98.3 MB)

make the man podcover (by lim) [personal profile] trinityofone - Make the Man (Dean Smith/Castiel, 53:25) MP3 (50 MB) - M4B (27.3 MB)

Below Skyscrapers podcover (by aesc) [personal profile] aesc - Below Skyscrapers (Dean/Castiel, AU, 3:32:34) MP3 (144 MB) - M4B (157 MB)

Supernatural RPF

Nosce te Ipsum podcover [livejournal.com profile] rei_c - Nosce Te Ipsum (J2, AU, 3:02:30) MP3 (91.7 MB) - M4B (107.9 MB)

do i seem bulletproof podcover (by aesc) [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter - Do I seem bulletproof to you? (J2, AU, 8:20:06) Mediafire link to mp3 files (zipped):Part 1 (112.05 MB) and Part 2 (112.52 MB)- Mediafire link to m4b (rarred): Part 1 (143.05 MB) and Part 2 (90.95 MB) - Filefactory link M4B (238.31)


perils of urban warfare podcover [livejournal.com profile] phantomjam, The Perils of Urban Warfare (John/Sherlock, 50:09) MP3 (67.64 MB) - M4B (60.86 MB) (Music: Hans Zimmer - Discombobulate)

inexactitude of loss podcover [livejournal.com profile] phantomjam, The Inexactitude of Loss (John/Sherlock, 1:43:00) MP3 (73.82 MB) - M4B (78.07 MB) (Music: Kronos Quartet - Lux Aeterna)

the things you can't outwit podcover [personal profile] cesperanza, The Things You Can't Outwit (John/Sherlock, 0:21:30) MP3 (11.01 MB) - M4B (17.62 MB) (Music: Emily Wells - Symphony 1- In the Barrel of a Gun)

no fare podcover PrettyArbitrary, No Fare (Gen, pre-series, 0:13:15), MP3 (6.5 MB) - M4B (5.3 MB) (Music: Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street)

beatings will continue podcover [personal profile] astolat, the beatings will continue until morale improves (Jon/Sherlock, 0:12:02) MP3 (6.3 MB) - M4B (7.5 MB)
(Music: The Exploited - Sex and Violence)


in our line of work podcover [livejournal.com profile] fee, In Our Line of Work (Arthur/Eames, read with Crinklysolution, 1:41:33) MP3 (86.5 MB) - M4B (113.43 MB) (Music: The Magnetic Fields - The Things We Did and Didn't Do, I Don't Want to Get Over You, You're My Only Home)

in duty homeward shall we fly podcover [personal profile] toomuchplor, In Duty Homeward Shall We Fly (Arthur/Eames, Third Rock From the Sun crossover, 28:00) MP3 (21.0 MB) - M4B (25.1 MB) (Music: Ben Vaughn - Third Rock From the Sun theme)


winter of banked fires podcover [personal profile] yahtzee, The Winter of Banked Fires (Erik/Charles, Marie/Logan, read with Crinklysolution, Luzula, Helens78, Heyiya, Rhea314, and Reena_Jenkins, 7:50:45) MP3 (417.94 MB) - M4B (439.57 MB) (Music: Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes)
[personal profile] alixtii - The Fall of Rome (Erik/Charles, 8:45) - MP3 (6.1 MB)
undone podcover [personal profile] yahtzee, Undone (Erik/Charles, time travel, 45:56) MP3 (30.07 MB) - M4B (37.42 MB) (Music: Everly Brothers - Let It Be Me; Elvis - Let It Be Me; Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow - Let It Be Me)

sacrament podcover [personal profile] yahtzee, Sacrament (Erik/Charles, 1:07:20) MP3 (32.85 MB) - M4B (45.65 MB) (Music: Sinead O'Connor - Out of the Depth)

linger podcover Waldorph, Linger (Erik/Charles, contemporary AU with powers, 3:25:30, #ITPE2013 for reena_jenkins) MP3 (78.68 MB) - M4B (97.5 MB) (Music: Muse - Resistance)

homo sacer podcover Unveiled, Homo Sacer (present-day AU with powers, 1:57:42) MP3 (43.39 MB) - M4B (53.29 MB) (Music: Arcade Fire: Here Comes the Night Time, You Ought to Know, It's Never Over)


crazy mad for him podcover [personal profile] etben, crazy mad for him (PG-13, Frank/Gerard, 53:25) MP3 (41.5 MB) - M4B (48.6 MB) (Music: Interpol - NYC)

catholic!frank notfic podcover [personal profile] sena, Catholic!Frank and Artist!Gerard Not!Fic (NC-17, Frank/Gerard, 2:08:59)Mp3 (88.16 MB) - m4b (95.88 MB) (Music: U2 - Gloria)

forget about the dirty looks podcover [personal profile] sassbandit, Forget About the Dirty Looks (NC-17, Frank/Gerard, 1:51:52, AU dom/sub!verse read with Aphelant, Argentumlupine, Crinklysolution, inkjunket, klb, and Knight_tracer) mp3(76.43 MB) - m4b (79.13 MB) (Music: Nouvelle Vague - Master and Servant)

sing it for the n00bs podcover [personal profile] jedusaur, Sing it for the N00bs (NC-17, Frank/Gerard, 1:43:38) Mp3 (62.58 MB) - M4b (70.98 MB) (Music: Felicia Day - Do You Want to Date My Avatar, My Chemical Romance - Zero Percent)

Teen Wolf

differential equations podcover [personal profile] hedgerose, Differential Equations (Derek/Stiles, Derek/Kate; 39:19, with [personal profile] knight_tracer and [personal profile] paraka) MP3 (17.54 MB) - M4B (24.36 MB) (Soundtrack: UNKLE - Rabbit in the Headlights and UNKLE - Lonely Souls)

wolf-shaped float podcover [personal profile] concernedlily, There's A Wolf-Shaped Float In This Parade (Derek/Stiles, 51:30, with [personal profile] knight_tracer and [personal profile] rhea314) MP3 (28.38 MB) - M4B (35.90 MB) (Soundtrack: Low - In Metal)

9 10th of law podcover tsukinofaerii, 9/10ths of the Law (Derek/Stiles, strong AU, 45:39) mp3 (21.06 MB) - m4b (29.08 MB) (Soundtrack: Sufjan Stevens - Futile Devices)

single magic bullet podcover miscellea, A Single Magic Bullet (Derek/Stiles magical AU, 28:48) mp3 (14.83 MB) and m4b (19.71 MB) (Soundtrack: Phillip Glass - Molly is a Dreamer)

all the things podcover JenNova, All the Things I Learned (Derek/Stiles, Derek/OMC, Derek/OFC; 20:11) MP3 (8.83 MB) and M4B (14.53 MB) (Soundtrack: Einstürzende Neubauten - Virginie)

line in the sand podcover kellifer_fic, Line in the Sand (Derek/Stiles, 1:10:34) MP3 (31.84 MB) and M4B (66.92 MB) (Soundtrack: 30 Seconds to Mars - Kings and Queens)

only way to be sure podcover kellifer_fic, only way to be sure (Derek/Stiles, Alien fusion, 1:38:24) MP3 (46.9 MB) and M4B (97.8 MB) (Soundtrack: Sergei Rachmaninov, The Isle of the Dead)

you have got to podcover kellifer_fic, you have to go to them sometimes (College, outsider POV, 0:30:04) MP3 (19.88 MB) - M4B (16.82 MB)(Music: The White Stripes- We are going to be friends)

derek stiles itpe2014 podcover The Derek/Stiles Podfic Anthology (various AUs, Derek/Stiles, 2:39:31) MP3s zipped (60.9 MB) - M4B (75.4 MB) [Music: Ella Fitzgerald, The Man I Love; Miles Davis, The Man I Love; Joni Mitchell, The Man I Love; NYC Gay Men's Chorus, The Man I Love; Lisa Hannigan, The Man I Love; Harry James, The Man I Love]
five things podcover1 - Survivah - 5 Times Stiles & Derek's Classmates Noticed They Were in a Committed Relationship and 1 Times Stiles Noticed [19:42] [MP3]

gave your smile podcover 2 - Sarageek16 - Gave Your Smile to Me [33:01] [MP3]

sad etsy boyfriend podcover 3 - Paperclip - Sad Etsy Boyfriend [33:49] [MP3]

human after all podcover 4 - Starsandgraces - Human After All [40:53] [MP3]

time traveling werewolf podcover 5 - TheFeelsWhale - The Time Traveling Werewolf's Confused Spirit Guide [31:10] [MP3]

trouble with having an open mind podcover kellifer_fic, the trouble with having an ope mind (shifter!AU, 1:10:44) MP3 (26.6 MB) - M4B (28 MB) (Music: Ásgeir - Hærra)

Person of Interest

detritus podcover [personal profile] cesperanza, Detritus (20:53) MP3 (10.29 MB) - M4B(13.63 MB) (Soundtrack: Massive Attack - Live With Me)

every step you take podcover [personal profile] maekala, Every Step of the Way (Pod_Together 2012, 13:05) MP3 (6.9 MB) - M4B (9.1 MB) (Soundtrack: Mark Ballas - Every Step of the Way)

silenus club podcover [personal profile] cesperanza, The Silenus Club (Harold/John, 27:00) MP3 (13.3 MB) - M4B (22.1 MB) (Soundtrack: Rosemary Clooney & Benny Goodman - Memories of You)

self defense podcover [personal profile] cesperanza, Self Defense(35:34) MP3 (18.4 MB) - M4B(29.3 MB) (Soundtrack: John Lee Hooker - Blues Before Sunrise)

amoral violent unicorn podcover [personal profile] astolat, Taken & [personal profile] lazulisong, the look you get & Judgebunnie, bun in the oven (Harold/John, mpreg omegaverse AU, read with [personal profile] rhea314, [personal profile] chemm80, and [personal profile] aphelant, 0:14:33) MP3 (6MB) - M4b (11 MB) (Soundtrack: Madonna - Papa Don't Preach)

Random RPF

when fics take on a life of their own podcover Storiesfortravellers, When Fics Take On a Life Of Their Own (Critical Theory RPF, gen, read with Klb, 28:32) MP3 (27.7 MB) - M4B (27.2 MB) (Soundtrack: Ryan Gosling Interviews and Tranquility - Time Solitaire Music United with Nature)

fan fiction 101 podcover[personal profile] elementalv, Fan Fiction 101 (Misha RPF, gen, 6:54) mp3 [4.3 MB] and m4b [5.7 MB] (Soundtrack: Missa Sillabica - O König)


floor37 podcover Closer, Floor 37 (gen, 40:28) MP3 (26.67 MB) - M4B(28.51 MB) (Soundtrack: Willie Davis - I Learned My Lesson)

imprimatur podcover Closer, Imprimatur (Harvey Specter/Mike Ross, read with Fishpatrol and Knight_Tracer, 2:37:23) MP3 (65.52 MB) and M4B (71.16 MB) (Soundtrack: John Coltrane - In a Sentimental Mood)

Dark Angel

The Manticore Anthology (various authors, various pairings, 1:49:57) M4B (39.2MB) (Soundtrack: Einstürzende Neubauten - Kein Bestandteil Sein, Sabrina, Alles, Ich Warte, Fiat Lux, Ende Neu, Stella Maris, Sabrina)
[archiveofourown.org profile] victoria_p, The Girly Arts (gen, 3:18) MP3 (2.54 MB)

[archiveofourown.org profile] Sister_Wolf, Hailing From Parts Unknown (Alec/Wolverine, X-Men crossover, 22:56) MP3 (11 MB)

[archiveofourown.org profile] SullenSiren, Passing Time(Max/Alec, 18:04) MP3 (10 MB)

[archiveofourown.org profile] victoria_p, The Hubbert Peak (Max/Alec, 22:24) MP3 (10 MB)

[archiveofourown.org profile] rivkat, Getting By (Alec/Logan, Alec/OMC, 18:00) MP3 (8.7 MB)

[archiveofourown.org profile] cereta, Alexandrian Solution (Alec/Logan, Max/Alec, Max/Logan, 15:38) MP3 (8.2 MB)

[archiveofourown.org profile] some_stars, Big Love (gen, 9:00) MP3 (4.7MB)

[personal profile] musesfool, New World Order ( Original Cindy, Written for halfamoon 2009, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology III, 0:54) MP3(0.41 MB)

Generation Kill

16 days in september podcover [personal profile] tevere, 16 Days in September (Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, AU, read with Fandomfan, Chemm80, Knight_tracer, Luzula, Dodificus, 4:45:00, cover by [personal profile] aneas) MP3 (128.27 MB) and M4B (131.11 MB)

everything seems different podcover Amoama, Everything Looks Different After the War (Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, 1:49:00) MP3 (54.65 MB) and M4B (87.66 MB) (Soundtrack: Jefferson Airplane - Coming Back to Me)


chili cheese fries podcover luvkurai, Chili Cheese Fries (12:56) MP3 (9.09 MB) and M4B (15.26 MB) (Soundtrack: Music Explosion - Little Bit O'Soul)

lazy coffee podcover [personal profile] lonelywalker, Lazy Coffee (gen AU 8:24) MP3 (4.03 MB) and M4B (8.04 MB) (Soundtrack: Ella Fitzgerald - Black Coffee)


reformation podcover [personal profile] cesperanza, Reformation (Alice/Luther, post-series, 0:31:20) MP3 (15.6 MB) - M4B (11.9 MB) (Music: The Black Keys - Never Gonna Give You Up; The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love)

Hockey RPF

texas heat podcover Rest, Texas Heat (Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin, AU, 1:06:21, #ITPE2013 Treat for knight_tracer) MP3 (37.7 MB) - M4B (43.4 MB) (Music: Glee Cast - Animal)

the record stands podcover Unperfectwolf, the record stands (Jordan Eberle/Taylor Hall AU, 1:25:30) download links at AO3 (Music: Low Roar - Give Up)

Avengers (MCU)

strawberries podcover [personal profile] sholio, Strawberries in Wintertime (post-CATWS, 0:20:56) MP3 (7.72 MB) - M4B (8.12 MB) (Music: RNCM Big Band with Colin Towns - Strawberry Fields Forever)

that kind of day podcover Neery, That Kind of Day (post-CATWS, outsider POV, 0:36:07) MP3 (11.58 MB) - M4B (12.69 MB) (Music: Dashboard Confessional - Remember to Breathe)

what we ask for podcover Speranza, What We Asked For From Each Other (Tony POV, post-CATWS, 1:15:07) MP3 (27.1 MB) and M4B (29.36 MB) (Music: NIN - Something I Can Never Have, The Fragile, Find My Way)

winner takes it all podcover Lavvyan, Winner Takes It All, Or: Five People Who Wondered and One Who Didn't Have to (Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, 32:39) MP3 (11.85 MB) - M3B (12.47 MB) (Music: New York Symphonic Jazz Orchestra w. Sonia Jacobsen - Ugly Duckling)

bureaucratic nightmare podcover Mikey, Bureaucratic Nightmare (Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, 2:40:00) MP3 or MP3 (55.84 MB) - M4B or M4B (67.63 MB) (Music: Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody)

massive scale podcover kellifer_fic, On A Massive Scale (Dragon AU, Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, 0:35:36) MP3 (55.84 MB) - M4B (67.63 MB) (Music: Talking Heads - Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place); The Lumineers - Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place))

Smart Girl's Guide podcover misura, The Smart Girl's Guide to Not Seducing Steve Rogers (ITPE, Darcy Lewis/Natasha Romanov, 0:20:15) MP3(7.7 MB) - M4B (7.5 MB) (Music: Panic! at the Disco - Girls/Girls/Boys)

rivers and roads podcover Imogen_Penn, Rivers and Roads )Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, 0:36:13) MP3 (13.80 MB) - HERE (13.02 MB) (Music: The Head and the Heart - Rivers and Roads)

talk to me podcover Lacey McBain, Talk to Me (Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, 1:13:05) MP3 (25.86 MB) - M4B (27.3 MB) (Music: Sunny and the Sunglows - Talk to Me)

goodbye picadilly podcover Speranza, Goodbye Picadilly, Farewell Leicester Square (Steve/Bucky, 1:25:37) MP3 (31.27 MB) and
M4B (31.58 MB)

(Music: Robert Mandell, It's a Long Way To Tipperary; Glen Miller, American Patrol; Benny Goodman, More Than You Know; Rosemary Clooney, I'll Be Seeing You; Vera Lynn, I'll Be Seeing You; Albert Farrington, It's a Long Way To Tipperary; Ella Fitzgerald, It Had to Be You)

Pitch Perfect

bulletproof use podcover sexonastick, Bulletproof Use of Bullet Points (ITPE, outsider POV, Chloe Beale/Beca Mitchell, 1:01:55) MP3 (23.3 MB) - M4B (24.1 MB) (Music: U Penn Off The Beat - Mummer's Dance, The Backbeats - If I Were a Boy, Pentatonix - Can't Hold Us , Mike Tompkins, the Pitch Perfect Cast and You -Starships, Voices Of Lee - No One, Exit 245 - Titanium, Noteworthy - Without You, Pentatonix - Royals)

party's crashing us podcover sexonastick, The Party's Crashing Us (Chloe Beale/Beca Mitchell, 1:01:22) MP3 (21.16 MB) - M4B (22.15 MB) (Music: Of Montreal - The Party's Crashing Us)

Various Shorts

the contents of a small box podcover [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o - the contents of a small box stored in a large trunk in a yukon cabin (Due South, Ray/Fraser, epistolary read with Luzula, 6:58) MP3 (9.61 MB) - M4B (6.40 MB)

[personal profile] musesfool - Cookies and Conversations (Gilmore Girls, Rory/Paris, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II, 3:34) - MP3 (2.6 MB)

[livejournal.com profile] throughadoor - Background Check (The Good Wife, Alicia/Kalinda, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II, 3:12) - MP3 (2.5 MB)

[personal profile] musesfool, Tart but Sweet (Gilmore Girls, Lorelai Gilmore&Emily Gilmore, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology III, 4:26) MP3 (2.1 MB)

[personal profile] musesfool, Out of the Loop (The West Wing, C.J. Cregg, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology III, 1:54) MP3 (0.88 MB)

[personal profile] musesfool, And It's Surely to Their Credit (Star Trek Reboot, Nyota Uhura&Jim Kirk, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology III, 8:40) MP3 (4.03 MB)

[personal profile] icarus, Hermione Granger: Minister of Magic (Harry Potter, Hermione Granger&Harry Potter, for 14valentines, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology III, 9:51) MP3 (4.4 MB)

Mardia, a carefully laid-out plan (Good Wife, Alicia/Kalinda, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology V, 4:30) MP3 (1.8 MB)

overtureenvelops, in the kitchen (Agent Carter, Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology V, 6:04) MP3 (2.4 MB)

[personal profile] musesfool, Momentary Thing (Criminal Minds, JJ Jareau/Penelope Garcia,, Recorded for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology V, 7:33) MP3 (2.9 MB)

Date: 2010-11-27 01:26 am (UTC)
pslasher: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pslasher
Hey hon, just so you know, the links to the audiobook versions of I'll Take My Chance on a Beautiful Stranger and Entangled Alliances aren't working.

Date: 2010-11-27 02:48 am (UTC)
pslasher: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pslasher
Hmm, now neither of the links for Entangled Alliances are working. Beautiful Stranger worked though. :)

Date: 2010-11-27 04:43 am (UTC)
pslasher: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pslasher
*g* yup, all fixed! Thanks for the new links. :)

Date: 2011-03-15 05:58 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] gen241
Just listened to Interstitial - I love your voice! It was really well done, thanks!

Date: 2011-12-20 04:21 am (UTC)
elaineofshalott: Drawing in black of white stick figure on pink background, a heartshape cut out of its chest. (love)
From: [personal profile] elaineofshalott
Dear [personal profile] podcath, I have been listening to "Winter of Banked Fires" and while I adore the whole thing, your sections are my favorites. Your way of reading--understated, but still involved and emotionally alive--works so well for Erik. There were a few bits that made me want to cry, even ('cos, aw, sad!Erik), which didn't happen when I read (some of) the fic in text form. I think it helps, too, that I can't place your accent--'subtle but interesting accent' seems to fit with Erik's polyglot character. That all said, I also listened to "Smoking on the Bus" many moons ago, and remember admiring your reading of Charles. I think I must conclude that you are just talented all 'round, and leave it at that. :) Anyhow--thanks for recording!
Sincerely [personal profile] elaineofshalott

Date: 2012-07-02 06:24 am (UTC)
andeincascade: (MCR Young Gee)
From: [personal profile] andeincascade
Cath, I have to talk to you about Sing it for the N00bs. It's my current favorite podfic and I can't stop listening to it. Seriously, I've listened to it dozens of times. I often listen to it several times a day. You've taken a great story and elevated it into something even more and I'm not even sure how to put into words what you did, just that's it's amazing and addicting. Okay. When I read the story I was all, wow awesome story. When I listen to your reading I want to LIVE in the story.

Thank you so much. You've given me hours of pleasure.

Date: 2012-12-04 02:39 am (UTC)
crinklysolution: (Default)
From: [personal profile] crinklysolution
Hey there, thought I would drop you a line to say how much I liked 9/10ths of the law and I see there's a couple of other Teen Wolf fics I haven't heard yet. 9/10ths was very cool - loved the cross-over aspect and it was just an intriguing story...thanks for recording it.

Nosce Te Ipsum

Date: 2013-01-19 06:43 pm (UTC)
eosrose: (Default)
From: [personal profile] eosrose
I listened to this podfic this week and it was *beautiful*. I'm generally pretty squeamish about anything even vaguely resembling hooker!fic or stories that present main characters as especially prejudiced, but it's your voice, so I set aside my reservations and I'm glad I did. It was an A+ performance of what I consider a breathtaking, bittersweet story.

I'm still hung up on that ending, which I consider more sad than anything. Because as much as Jared may care for Jensen, he has a calling and I don't see their relationship as ending with anything other than heartbreak. Damn you (and the author) for filling me with so many ~feelings~. It's been two days since I finished listening to this podfic and I'm still feeling a little hallowed out.

Thanks for sharing this!
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