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 So even while I've mostly been absent on twitter, I really love #ITPE and I'm looking forward to participating again this year! Like everyone else, my listening (and reading) habits are very much dependent on mood and things, but with few exceptions I listen to a really wide variety of things (including things I don't know the first thing about the canon...or at least don't know anything until AFTER listening to podfic :)

Mostly, I'm just excited to get a story. I listen in so many fandoms and tend to watch a lot of different TV where a great plotty story might just totally appeal to me if *you* love it (that's especially true for smaller fandoms like Luther, Pitch Perfect, Rizzoli and Isles, Unreal, The 100 or older fandoms like 00Q, Dark Angel, Smallville, X-Files, Queer as Folk, SGA, and many more I can't think of right now). I relisten to older stories all the time if I love the stories and the readers, so I'd be very happy if you decide to record that one story you've always wanted to but never got around to doing. I'm really, really excited to get a story. Any story!!!! 

Because liking a story for me is a really complicated calculus of writing, plot, characterization, tropes, and fandom and pairing and since I can't really control the first ones too well or easily,here are the fandoms I feel most strongly about at the moment, with the characters and the things I like most. So here it goes:

Vorkosigan This has been the fandom of the past year for me. I didn't read the books until late last year (all of them, repeatedly :) and then all the fic I could find, and I just love all the characters, all the pairings, canon and not. I'd love anything in that universe, though I'm pretty trope resistant here (the little that there actually is).

Generation Kill Brad/Nate or gen. I like canon stories or post. AU don't always work for me, especially when the ambiguities of their canon selves are removed. love the entire team, esp. Ray.

MCU I came to the fandom late and with lots of resistance, only to realize belatedly that my issues are not being into Tony/Steve. Everyone else is mostly fair game! I love Darcy with anyone (well, not with Tony), Natasha everywhere (though not necessarily paired), Clint/Coulson (preferably non-Ultron compliant), Steve/Bucky (pre and post Civil War), and all team stuff, action and adventures.

XMFC Erik/Charles or gen. I love any way in which they overcome their opposition, but AUs are great as well. not a huge fan of no power AUs and I like my Erik to stay Jewish and no one to be meek and/or too nice. DOFP and Apocalypse were fine but I kinda like our myriad versions of them better :)

In general, there is little that squicks me (I've had some bad experiences with stories that have had mental disabilities as a central trope, because I'm not good with any huge power differential that could read as abuse, or rather, I need those differentials to be balanced by an inverse emotional balance, if that makes sense--and then it's actually a huge kink for me) though I do not like humor all that much (I'm just a drama/angsty girl and will take heavy plot over both introspection and funny stuff any day).

I have certain tropes I like a lot: roads not taken (i.e., not full on AUs but the ones just one step over, which also means I like my not-quite-humans to remain that way), time travel, multiverse, amnesia, bonds, and what ifs. 

I like angst and h/c (though not death) and I like adventures and lots of stuff happening. I'm not as fond of domesticity, fluff, and mpreg/kids (unless the former doesn't lead to the latter). I like my happy endings, but they can be hard won. I do listen to pretty much all pairings, but if I get to wish, then I'll have my OTPs or gen with those guys not being at odds. I don't have any sex squicks, but I don't need any for me to enjoy the fic.

And that sound like a lot, but it's definitely a what I like bestest of all wish list and not at all a a required to make me happy list! I like any and all and I like the simple fact that someone is recording for me. \o/ Yeah!

If you have a question about whether I might like a story or not, [personal profile] knight_tracer has a pretty good sense of what does and doesn't work for me, because we discuss these things at lengths :D Ask her if you're uncertain about a strange fandom or out there fic.


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